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Best Body and Nose Piercing Shop Near Me

Getting reliable piercing shops near me can be quite the hassle, yet piercing fanatics know that getting the best is non-negotiable. This is because if a piercing is done wrong, it can lead to serious health complications. Luckily, this article serves as a perfect guide to help you choose the best professional piercer. That said, what qualities should the best piercing shops near me have? Read on to find out.


4 Key Features to Look for in a Piercing Shop Near Me

1. Cleanliness

Hygiene is the number one thing anyone should consider before choosing a piercing shop. This is because piercing shops are required to sterilize all their tools before using them on a client. That way, the risk of getting an infection after the piercing is eliminated.

Unfortunately, it is normally hard to tell if every tool in that piercing and tattoo shop has been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. However, if a client is keen enough, it is easy to tell if a piercing shop takes cleanliness seriously.

For example, if a shop is well organized and the furniture is clean, there is a high chance that their tools are clean too. On the other hand, a shop that looks dusty and untidy is likely to have unclean tools too.



2. Business License and Necessary Certifications

The last thing a client wants when getting a piercing is to have it done by a quack. As such, it is advisable to only visit piercing shops near me that have a business license. More importantly, their staff should be well trained and certified. After all, that is the only way to be sure that the piercer is not a quack.

3. Good Reviews

Thanks to internet connectivity and social media, it is easy to get reviews of piercing shops before visiting them. All a client needs to do is visit the shop’s website and read what previous customers have to say about the shop. Alternatively, a client can read social media comments and reviews about various piercing shops near me.

Only choose a shop that has many positive reviews. However, if a shop has a single negative review, that shouldn’t put you off completely. Go the extra mile and find out what feedback the shop attendants gave to the unsatisfied client.

4. Friendly Staff

Getting a piercing can be nerve-wracking, especially for people who are getting a piercing for the first time. As such, it is best to have it done by a friendly and compassionate piercer to make the whole experience less scary. That said, always look for a shop that has a history of having friendly staff.

Apart from making the piercing experience more bearable, friendly staff are easy to talk to. Clients have an easy time getting answers to any questions and worries they may have. More importantly, they make recommendations for clients who are confused or undecided.

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What to Expect During the Piercing Procedure

Normally, people who are getting their first piercing wonder what the process entails. Well, here are 4 things to expect during a piercing procedure:

1. The piercer should identify the piercing location and confirm it with the customer before proceeding. This is to ensure that the client is satisfied with the placement.

2. The piercer should replace their gloves every time they come into contact with something that could contaminate them.

3. All of the jewelry and needles used by your piercer should be in sealed, pre-packaged, disinfected wrappers with labels on the top and bottom.

4. After the piercing is done and the jewelry is in place, the piercer advises on any after-care requirements. Most piercers will issue a list of instructions on how to clean and take care of the piercing until it is completely healed. Clients must make sure that they follow all the instructions to avoid any infections and complications in the future.

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Getting a piercing is one of the coolest ways to enhance personal style. Piercings are an authentic way to spice up outfits and personal images by wearing unique jewelry such as earrings, nose rings, and many more.

However, to get the perfect piercing, you must choose a professional who is experienced and skilled. Now that you know what to look for in a piercing shop, choosing a reliable one should not be that hard. Follow our tips and get value for your money!